Best of Bloggers to Express Kerala

In yet another unique online campaign, Kerala Tourism has set the ball rolling for bringing together 25 ace bloggers from around the world, who will board a branded luxury bus – Kerala Blog Express for a two-week-long road journey that will take them from the southern part of the State to its north. Slated to take place in March this year, the process for selecting the bloggers has begun and for the purpose Kerala Tourism has launched –, which would facilitate online voting as part of the selection.

Shawn Coomer got his hands dirty eating, but relished every moment of it. Dina Rosita’s epiphany came while hauling a fishing boat. Daniel Nunes discovered the longest dance drama – Kathakali. Just a few experiences the lucky participants of Kerala Blog Express enjoyed. Now it’s your turn. 

Kerala Blog Express is back for its third year and it invites travel bloggers like you from around the globe for a two-week road trip in God’s Own Country. What will you discover?

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