How to get a Homestay License in Kerala?

How and Where to apply for homestay registration in Kerala?

1. You can either collect application form for Homestay Registration from District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) office or can apply online.
2. If you are submitting a hard copy, then sent it to the concerned DTPC office.
3. You have to pay certain amount as registration fees depending on the type of Homestay.
4. The fee for Class A – Diamond House is Rs 3000, for Class B – Gold House is Rs 2000, and for Class C – Silver House is Rs 1000.
5. The Demand Draft may be payable to the Director, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, payable at Thiruvananthapuram. The fee is not refundable in case of rejection of classification or considering for classification in lower classes.
6. The classification for Homestay units will be given only in those cases where the owner/promoter of the unit along with his/her family is physically residing in the same unit.
7. In case of dissatisfaction with the decision of the categorization on classification, the unit may appeal to the Secretary (Tourism), Government of Kerala within 30 days of receiving the communication regarding classification/reclassification.
8. The application should be accompanied by;

1. A clearance certificate from the Panchayat/ Municipality/Corporation,
2. A  Police Clearance Certificate from the Local Station House Officer,
3. A document regarding the ownership of the building,
4. The important road stretches from the building,
5. The building plan,
6. A checklist of the facilities and services providing,
7. The  checklist should be duly filled in and signed on all pages
8. The pictures which depicts the interior and exterior of the house.

Government department granting license: Department of Tourism, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Application form:

You can either collect application form for Homestay Registration from District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) office or can apply online.  

Who all can apply?

1. A house having minimum of one room or a maximum of 6 rooms.
2. The house owner or his family members should stay with the guests staying there.
3. At least one family member should have the ability to speak in English.
4. The houses in tourist areas will get more priority to start Homestays.

What are the types of buildings which are eligible to get a government license?

1. The building should be in good location with respect to tourism.
2. Maintaining good hygiene.
3. The guest room of the homestay should be

a. bath attached,
b. the bed room should be 120 sq.ft.,
c. the bathroom should be 30 sq.ft.,
d. the room should have telephone facility, &
e. the facility for pure drinking water.

Homestay types / categories:

The District Tourism Promotion Council classifies the homestays according to its standards. Depending upon the facilities, the houses are classified under three categories.

1. Diamond House – Class A
2. Gold House – Class B
3. Silver House – Class C


After submission of the application, the local tourism department will conduct an inspection of the property.

1. The presence of facilities and services will be evaluated against the checklist and score sheet by the Committee.
2. The homestays should maintain required standards at all times. The Classification Committee could inspect the unit at any time without prior notice. Any serious faults will be reported to the Department of Tourism and the Department is free to take any action including cancellation of the classification.
3. Any rectification pointed out by the Committee will have to be complied within the set out time. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the application.
4. The Committee may recommend a category either higher or lower than the one which you are applied for. In case of category higher than the one you are applied, you will have to deposit the required fee for the recommended category. However, in case of lower category, there will be no refund of the extra fee.
5. Any changes in the facilities of the unit should be reported to the Secretary, District Tourism Promotion Council within 30 days.

Daily Rental Price limit:

There is no daily rental price limit.

Tax applicable:

Every homestay where the daily charges of accommodation including other amenities provided is Rs 1000 or more should pay luxury tax.


  1. KSEB Tariff Type
  2. Commercial Taxes
  3. Luxury Tax

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