Kollam Tourism : Zone 7

Jadayu Earth Centre

Jatayu Nature Park’ unveils the advent of new milestone in the history of Kerala tourism, the ‘flag off’ to an experience, which challenges and supersedes the existing! The curtain to the much awaited tourism destination is all set to rise. Finally, Kerala tourism has a brand new destination ‘Jatayu Nature Park’ which marks the beginning of a much-awaited innovative stride in Tourism sector. ‘Jatayu Nature Park’ unravels a journey that reveals to you the beautifully interweaved set of compositions by Shri Rajiv Anchal, which brings together an experience that touches the varied dimensions of art, epics, history, technology, siddha and adventure. Set in the picturesque backdrop, the Jatayu sculpture stands as the symbol of gratitude towards the heroic deed of Jatayu in protecting Sita in the epic Ramayana and has its greater relevance in the modern context, as it is one of the earliest attributes in regard to women safety and honor. Jatayu Nature Park’ thus is the modern interpretation of a place that evolves from history, derives into it the aspects of the heritage, essence of nature, the divinity of pilgrimage, the fun and frolic of adventure, the technological extravaganza and the eco-friendly elements to weave out a place that truly defines the artistic panache of Shri Rajiv anchal.

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