About Kollam Tourism Promoter’s Society

Kollam Tourism Promoter’s Society (KTPS) was formed on 16th January 2016 and was officially inaugurated by honorable Member of Parliament Sri. N.K. Premachandran at The Quilon Beach Hotel, Kollam. The Main objective of the Society is to enable Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Development in Kollam and thus promote Kollam as a global tourism destination. If you look back into the history of Kollam there were many organizations and societies formed to promote tourism in Kollam. Unfortunately none survived the tides of time.  KTPS was established with the idea of team building and creating a unified platform for all tourism stakeholders to work together and grow together. Since we believe in the Idea of  “ Inclusive Tourism” and “ Tourism For all” we have decided to include all tourism stakeholders in our society unlike any other societies in Kerala. We have Hotels, Homestays, Houseboats, Travel Operators, Taxis, Tour Guides, Ayurveda Clinics, Hospitals, Shipping and Logistics, Professionals, Educational Institutions etc as our members. Kerala Tourism Industry is now in need of new destinations and innovations to compete with our neighbors. Kollam has tremendous tourism possibilities and can contribute a lot to Kerala Tourism Industry.

Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries that deliver a travel experience comprising transportation, accommodation, food and beverage establishments, retail shops, entertainment businesses and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups traveling away from home. It is the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, business suppliers, host governments and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourists and other visitors.  KTPS in association with Industry Experts and Tourism Department will visit all major tourism destinations in Kollam and study about possibilities of tourism in these locations. Our expert panel will study about the facility and infrastructure requirements at these destinations and submit their report to Kerala Tourism Department. Our suggestions will be submitted to the “Green Carpet Initiative “ by government of Kerala for implementation.

We will conduct training programs, workshops and seminars for tourism stakeholders on effective tourism management. We will conduct research on various issues affecting tourism in Kollam like waste management, basic facilities, marketing etc with the help of various educational institutions and industry experts. We believe that “solution for every problem is an opportunity”. Hence we will associate with tourism department and educational institutions to create a hub for tourism startups in Kollam. We will encourage Students to come up with Innovative and Creative Ideas for tourism industry.  KTPS will offer them a platform to showcase their Ideas. We will start with basic awareness campaigns right from school level as its required to change the approach of society towards the idea of tourism. We will stress on the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism.

We believe in developing tourism destinations based on proper study, planning and implementation considering least 20 years in advance. Strategic implementation of ideas and concepts will be adopted with proper social audit. KTPS believes in collective action by associating with Tourism Clubs, Kudumbasree Units, National Service Scheme (NSS), Quilon Service Society (QSS), Suchitwa Mission and other associations for tourism development. Most of the development activities in the district can benefit with a lot more vision and planning. There is a requirement for proper system’s to measure its efficiency and outcome. KTPS will work to provide our collective experience and wisdom of our members to the concerned authorities. After identifying and partnering with state and local tourism department’s for developing the destinations, KTPS will market Kollam as a global tourism brand. We will present Kollam in all major travel and trade shows across the world with the help of Kerala Tourism Department. We will also highlight Kollam Sea Port to the global shipping Industry and thus enable Passenger, Cruise and Cargo/Container Ships to visit Kollam in the years to come. Promoting tourism and trade will bring back the old glory of Kollam. It will create more jobs, more revenue from this business, better facilities, better infrastructure and indeed a better Kollam. The Challenges before KTPS is huge, but with hard work and determination we can make it happen with time, and rest as they say will be history.