All tourism stakeholders who have passed the membership criteria and those who pay an entrance fee of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakh Rupees) shall be lifemembers,  Life members need not pay annual subscription fee. Foundingmembers will be Life Members.


It includes Hotels, Resorts, Ayurveda Centers, Beauty Saloons, Clinics, Travel Companies, Hospitals and those who are involved in other allied business. Amembershipregistration fee of Rs. 10,000 and an annual Subscription of Rs. 5000/- is applicable.


It includes houseboats, travel guides, taxis, autos, tour operators and other allied business. A membership registration fee of Rs. 3000 and an annual Subscription Fee of Rs. 1500 is applicable for this category of members.

  • All members will be accredited by KTPS symbol of Trust, Quality and Safety.
  • Training Programs and Workshops on Tourism.
  • Members get discounts on member related services.
  • Members get an opportunity to be presented in travel and tourism expos under the roof of KTPS at discounted prices.
  • All Issues faced by members related to tourism will be addressed and represented by KTPS.
  • All members will get privileged spaces in KTPS tourism handbooks and advertisements.
  • GOLD members will have 02 Votes and SILVER/BRONZE Members will have 01 Vote for election.
  • Members will be listed in the websites, articles, journals, and social media programs run by KTPS.
  • All members will benefit the growth as Tourism in Kollam Develops.
  • KTPS will act as a common platform for all tourism stakeholders in Kollam to develop the business.
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