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Kollam Tourism : Zone 1

Visit Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram-Palace1-KeralaToursGlobalThe Krishnapuram Palace is an ancient palace and museum. It was built in the 18th century by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma (1729–1758 AD), the Travancore kingdom. It is built in the architectural style of Kerala with gabled roof, narrow corridor and dormer windows, near the Krishnaswamy Temple at Krishnapuram.

Visit Ayiram Thengu Mangroves Forest

Ayiramthengu is a small Village in Kollam. The mangrove forest at Ayiramthengu is now home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is the habitat of a number of creatures, marine and terrestrial. In between the red mangroves, the rare Lumnitzera racemosa species of mangroves can also be seen. The trunks and roots of these trees are the habitat of a number of creatures. The Mangroves are a nursery for a wide variety of fish species. The forest is also home to a colony of otters. The glittering, waxy green canopy of the forest provides a nesting place for a wide variety of migratory birds. We visit the Mangroves forest on a traditional boat.

Visit to Azheekal Beach

20111110-S2_D-0134It is one of the most unknown and untouched beaches on the coast of Arabian Sea. In Malayalam, Aazhee means place where the Back Waters and the Sea confluence. The Beach is famous for its White Sands. The evening views of the Sunset are worth lingering over. One of the main attractions is the small island near the Beach. Some of the islands are filled with Mangrove forests. A Pulimuttu, which is 0.5 km, extended in to the Sea. The Beach is also 8189922939_ba9aa222e7_ba good spot for flying Kites. The presence of Cheenavala adds to the scenic beauty of the Beach. Uniqueness about this beach is you can see dolphins at a very close distance, which is amazing. Wonder is very few know that there are dolphins here.

Visit to Kattil Mekathil Temple

The Temple at Ponmana near Chavara has the Arabian Sea on one side and the backwater on the other. Thousands of devotees from all over the country come to the tree to tie the sacred bells given to them from the temple. The devotees go round the tree seven times before they tie the bell onto it. At the seventh round, they make a wish and it will be fulfilled. The Banyan tree is covered with such bells tied by the devotees. The bells are blessed by the temple priest and given to the devotees for Rs 30 per piece. The temple also holds a “12 vilakku utsavam”, a festival lasting 12 days during which time devotees live on the temple premises in makeshift huts. The land on which the temple is located is filled with black sand rich in minerals like titanium dioxide. You need to take a ferryboat service to reach the temple.

Visit to Neendakara Fishing Harbor

Neendakara is a famous fishing harbor located around 8 km from Kollam district of Kerala, India. From here you can see the Ashtamudi Lake joining the sea from the Neendakara Bridge and also the Chinese fishing nets silhouetted against the sky.